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Helping You Protect Your Interests in Family Court

It's very common to let emotions get the better of you in family court. If you don't have the right family law attorney, you can very easily end up being taken advantage of. An unfavorable family court decision can have you paying more alimony or child support than you can afford (or what's fair); missing out on valuable time with your children; and placing you on the losing end of a divorce settlement. Marshall Geisser has been representing clients all over Florida in their family court issues for over 30 years, offering aggressive and strategic legal guidance. Family legal disputes can, and often do, cause permanent and irreparable harm to relationships. Divorce, custody battles, property-rights issues and other types of family legal issues can drive a wedge between families that, very often, never goes away. Feelings get hurt, vast sums of money are often lost and families are often torn apart during these emotionally charged proceedings. We are ready to help you preserve your custody rights, your financial stability and your freedom. 

Family Law in Florida

Marshall Geisser provides objective, vigilant and experienced legal representation to make sure you're taken care of and your interests are fully represented in family court. Some of the most common family law matters in Florida include divorce and child custody. Florida ranks among the highest in the nation for divorce. Many, if not most, of these divorces involve messy child-custody and/or property-division issues. Marshall can help you with all aspects of family law, including: 

  • Adoption – Residency requirements, restrictions, timeline, etc.

  • Child Protection – Abandonment, abuse, neglect, etc.

  • Abortion – Trimester restrictions, patient eligibility, etc.

  • Marriage Law – Age requirements, restrictions, annulments, etc.

  • And More

Just because you may want to do the right thing by your former spouse and children, doesn't mean you have to be taken advantage of. What's right is right and when you're facing messy and complicated family legal disputes, Marhsall is ready to help you fight for what's yours. 

Helping You Protect Your Familial and Individual Interests

Nobody wants to drag out family court proceedings; however, you need to make sure your interests are protected and that you’re being treated fairly. You need an attorney with the insight, experience and aggressiveness to help you maintain your financial stability, your relationships with your children or anything else that’s being threatened. Marshall has helped hundreds of clients all over Broward County and the rest of South Florida maintain their relationships with their kids and keep their finances safe from bitter family law disputes. 

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