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Don't Take Your Chances with an Inexperienced Attorney  

When you're facing criminal charges, including the most severe accusations like murder, kidnapping or rape, you can't afford to invest in the wrong lawyer. You don't need a friend or a confidant; you need an aggressive, strategic and focused criminal defense attorney who will help you secure your freedom and survival. The reality is that your very life may hinge on which attorney you choose. Marshall Geisser has represented hundreds of clients in criminal cases at both the state and federal level, including those facing the death penalty. When the chips are down and you need the most effective and aggressive legal representation in your criminal case, Marshall is ready to step in. Our firm may be your only ally when you're facing criminal charges, but we're the only one you'll need. 

The Best Criminal Defense in Florida

Criminal law is a term used to describe a wide range of violations, all of which can result in significant jail time and financial penalties, and some in lethal injection. It's crucial that you have the right attorney to help you understand the seriousness of the charges you're facing and to help you avoid prison or worse. It’s important to realize what infractions are considered criminal and what steps you can take to minimize sentencing and long-term impact. One of the most frightening things about Florida criminal law is that it permits and actively enforces the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes, including premeditated killings, felony murders, and murders. When you're facing the most severe criminal charges, let Marshall Geisser be your legal ally and advocate. 

Common Types of Criminal Behavior

Some of the other acts covered under Florida criminal law include, but are not limited to:

  • Kidnapping – Confinement, abduction, or imprisonment of another person against her or his will

  • Rape – Covered under Florida’s sexual-battery laws

  • Drug Laws – This includes cocaine, opioids and other narcotics

  • Gun Violations – This includes se of an unlicensed firearm in the commission of a crime

  • And More

Within each one of these sections of criminal law are complex legal variables that can affect sentencing recommendations, which is why you need the best criminal defense attorney. Let the Marshall Geisser Law Firm help you stay out of jail and avoid a death sentence.

Aggressively Fighting for Your Freedom

Whether you’re facing a severe charge like murder, simple assault or any other type of criminal act, Marshall Geisser is committed to helping you stay out of jail and move on with your life. Marshall has 30 years of experience helping defendants in the Florida community navigate the state’s complex and often frightening criminal justice system. 




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