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Do you need experienced, qualified and aggressive legal defense in Florida? Marshall Geisser has worked as a criminal defense attorney in South Florida for over three decades, zealously advocating for clients in their criminal cases, as well as in civil and family law matters. He has been a fierce and devoted defender of clients in Broward County and throughout the rest of the state for his entire legal career. No matter what type of legal issue you're facing, Marshall has the experience, knowledge and insight to help you secure your freedom and move on with your life. He has helped hundreds of clients facing the most severe charges, including death penalty cases and domestic violence charges, and is the attorney you want fighting for you when circumstances are at their worst.  

Marshall is strongly committed to helping clients who are currently facing criminal accusations, no matter how desperate, hopeless or scary they might seem. He specializes in a wide range of legal areas including criminal law, family law and domestic violence defense. Our firm understands how frightening it can be to face a situation that could affect the rest of your life, and he's ready to ensure that clients receive the thorough and aggressive legal representation they need and deserve. The attorney you choose can make the difference between freedom and jail, and in some cases, life and death. Call the Marshall Geisser Law Firm today to ensure you're getting the best criminal defense and legal representation in South Florida. 

Due to our firm belief in client-attorney confidentiality, we do not release details about our previous cases. If you would like to learn more about how our firm can help you with your case, do not hesitate to contact us.




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The Marshall Geisser Law Firm provides a full range of criminal and legal defense services, including criminal defense for the most severe charges and representation in civil, criminal and family law matters. We believe that every client, no matter what they're accused of, deserves the best defense available.

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It can be easy to feel like you're all alone when facing a domestic abuse allegation. The Marshall Geisser Law Firm knows how scary these charges can be and is ready to fight for your acquittal and freedom. We have defended numerous clients in South Florida facing domestic abuse charges and are ready to lend our experience, knowledge and insights to your case. 



When you’ve been arrested, and are facing criminal charges, you cannot face those charges alone. The right criminal defense is vital to ensuring your rights are upheld, preventing your conviction in a court of law and keeping you out of jail. Marshall Geisser is a criminal defense attorney who has spent his 30-year career defending clients facing state and federal charges 



Guided by decades of experience, the Marshall Geisser Law firm provides legal representation in various Florida family law matters, including Simple and Complex Divorces, Spousal Support, Alimony, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Equitable Distribution of Property and other related matters. Let us help you make sure your interests are protected in family court. 


“Dear Marshall - Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and the firm for taking my case. In all honestly, I was at my very last breath…the edge of the cliff…the end of the rope.”
— Blain S.

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